Monday, August 17, 2009

Great AG Websites

Well, I know I for one am always looking for great new AG sites. Unfortunately, just googling them always brings up the official AG site. So I'm going to rate and review some American Girl websites. 

1.)  I go on this site all the time!! It's created by a 15-year-old girl from Kentucky named Liz. She has 6 dolls and is always up for collecting AG stuff. She also has the massage board, which is a great way to meet tween and teen AG collectors, like myself!

2.)  Yep, it's the original AG site. It simply has everything you need to know about AG. Check it out!

3.)  I go on this site sometimes. It has A LOT of stuff, and a message board.

4.)  This site has a great collectors guide to all AG things retired and present. They have a message board.

5.)  This is a blog by an 11-year-old girl from New Mexico who has two AG dolls and a Bitty twin.

6.)  This is another great site. It has a message board. 

7.)  This is a very simple site which would be a great help in American Girl research.


  1. Dear Sara,
    i have one doll and im getting 3
    for my birthday
    my dolls hair very messy
    and her head is loose
    i saw the video
    on your first American girl doll
    patient if you would email me back with
    address i will send her to you


  2. email is